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I’ve just discovered that you can use classes in Unity.

This is both amazing and really sad, since I haven’t used this feature before despite the immense usefulness of OOP, but amazing since this will really help with the Shutdown Update.

I’ve also created a new feature based on feedback from a friend that lets you blow up explosive grenades by shooting them. So, using slowmo and the sniper, you can perfectly place your explosions.

Here’s a quick screengrab where I’ve done that

So I’ve finally figured out the solution to my great dilemma.

My dilemma, is basically this:

I have too many ideas that I like too much 

It may sound silly, but I’ve been dragged off The Speed of Time, not by work, college, or anything like that, more than I have been dragged off by my own ambitions and ideas.

So, with that said, I am suspending all work on all of my projects until further notice, and working solely on The Speed of Time.

Let’s see what I  can do. 



Interaction Design project by Marc Dubois is a collection of interfaces made with a smartphone and desktop IKEA products - video embedded below:

This project suggests combining common industrial objects with several sensors that smartphones are equipped with, such as the gyroscope or the camera, in order to create controllers that are easy to reproduce: a sphere and a cube that transmit 3D movements, as well as a cone that can locate a source of light. These controllers work with a game specially developed for them. This project remains full of possibilities which I look forward to discovering.


Marc also has a Tumblr blog (saerus-io) here

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